We’re thinking about getting knee deep in the new season of the Animal Planet show, River Monsters… Should we take the plunge?!


This here is a complete episode of River Monsters from Season 2. Jeremy is in search for the legendary Giant Freshwater Stingray in Bangkok, Thailand. He manages to catch one at about seven feet across. A female Himantura Chaophraya who happens to be pregnant with 3 baby stingrays. He gets to watch it give birth. These monsters can grow up to 197 inches long and weight half a ton! On top of that, they have a barb at the end of their tails that can cause serious injuries if stabbed and can lead to death. The wound, no matter how small it is, causes overwhelming pain to the victim. The pain can immobalize and cause a grown man to collapse even with antiseptic treatment. On my list of things to avoid.

- Lauren Taylor